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Treasure Octopus

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The Treasure Octopus is an outdoor water amusement equipment. It is an amusement equipment with octopus as its main design element. The cartoon octopus uses its multiple claws to  firmly hold the boat on the sea,which looks very intersting. The bright colors such as blue and yellow make it easy to be noticed in the park . At the same time, the design of sprays, boats and suction cups is realistic and vivid, making visitors feel like they are real and want to touch them.
Compared to other water inflatable equipment, the Treasure octopus is more abundant when it comes ways to play. First of all, it is equipped with a two-lane large slide. The design of the middle slide and the two sides of the climb is not only full of fun but also  very safe. Secondly, the tumbling bucket in the middle of the pool is designed to attract the attention of many people. Finally, there is a sunshade leisure area inside the bow, where visitors can relax while they are tired.
From the investor's point of view, the overall investment budget of the water-filled castle equipment is relatively low. There are not many restrictions on the requirements of the site, as long as it is a flat ground. Generally speaking, its operating time is in the hot summer, and investors must consider investment and return on project when they start  business projects which limited by seasons.The Treasure Octopus really does make the investors have no worries.
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