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Roller Coaster Rides

Area 90m*40m
Capacity 16p
Power 75kW
Voltage 380V
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Tel +8613938546158
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Roller coaster ride is one of the thrilling amusement rides, with extremely thrilling feeling and ultimate flying process. Many young people want to try and challenge this amusement ride, because this roller coaster amusement ride not only can bring unlimited challenges and excitement, but also give people a sense of weightlessness. QILEDI roller coaster for sale can be suitable for these large playgrounds, such as amusement parks, theme parks.

The main structure of QILEDI roller coaster

1. Track

The track of roller coaster is welded by seamless steel pipe, national standard steel, and numerical control blanked parts.
Advantages: both seamless steel pipe and GB steel can control the quality of raw materials from the source. The CNC cutting with precise size, perfect workmanship. All parts of the welding are sealed and welded to avoid internal corrosion and increase service life. After the welding, the inspection process is performed to improve the product quality and the overall precision.

2. Train

Material: The body is welded from steel and the shell is made of fiberglass.
Safety measures: Each seat consosts of a pneumatic pressure bar and a seat belt.

3. Braking system

The braking system of the roller coaster is set on the track of the platform position. When the train's operating cycle is over, and before it reaches the platform position, the computer precisely controls and starts the hydraulic system or the pneumatic system so as to push the brake plate. When the brake plate comes into contact with the vertical metal wings under the train, the friction generated by them will gradually slow down the train.

Why choose QILEDI equipments?

1. Direct manufacturer: we have our own factory and professional production and design team.
2. Rigorous quality testing procedure and professional means of detection to make sure the safety and reliable product.
3. Rich exporting experience and good reputation all over the world
4. Good quality with reasonable price, the professional R&D team can offer you perfect product in you ideal budget.
5. Great after-sale service.

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