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Address:Intersection of Xiang'an Road and Binhu Road, Xinzheng, Henan Province

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Mini Shuttle Rides

Area 16m*10m*1.67m
Capacity 20p
Power 9kw
Voltage 380V
Email export@qiledirides.com
Tel +8613938546158
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The mini shuttle is an amusement equipment running on the interchange rail for children. The beautiful design,special sports car cockpit and colorful lights and cartoon paintings give the children the feeling of over mountains and leaping time and space. It is exciting and makes people immersive and pleasant, so it successfully captured a large number of “loyal fans”.

Where to buy high quality mini shuttle ride?

If you are planing to purchase the high quality mini shuttle rides from China, the most important thing is that you must find a reliable manufacturer. QILEDI company may be your ideal choice. As a leading domestic manufacturer, QILEDI company has more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of amusement park rides. QILEDI company mainly produces all kinds of middle & mini amusement rides, including kiddie rides, family rides, thrill rides and other theme park rides. Besides, QILEDI company also makes designing for amusement park indoor and outdoor, including instruction, investing and operation of amusement items.

Features of QILEDI mini shuttle ride for sale:

1. The track of mini shuttle ride can be customized.

2. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor playground, such as theme park, amusement park and other playgrounds.

3. With innovative design, cartoons, it is quite attractive to children.

4. It is also equipped with various music and lights.

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