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Mini Pirate Ship

Area 5m*3m
Capacity 8p
Power 4kw
Voltage 380V
Email export@qiledirides.com
Tel +8613938546158
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As an interesting and exciting amusement ride, QILEDI mini pirate ship for sale is popular with children in amusement parks now. In general, the mini pirate ship ride can can accommodate 8 to 12 children. The overall height of mini pirate ship is 3m, and its operating height is 1.75m. And this mini pirate ship has support arms, suspension systems and protection chains, which has a similar structure to the large pirate ship ride. The working principle of small pirate ship can be described as follows:

Working principle of mini pirate ship ride:

1. Turning on the power, the motor drive the pulley and make the wheel rotate.

2. Pressing the inching button, the electric hydraulic pusher works. Then it will raise the tire height, making the tire and boat bottom friction. The friction will provide the power for the movement of pirate ship.

3. Repeat several times operate to make the ship reach max operating height. Also using the inertia and gravity push the ship swing back.

4. Before the end of the operation, when the swinging of the pirate ship is opposite to the turning direction of the tire. Pushing inching button again so that the electric hydraulic pusher can lift the height of the tire to rub against the ship bottom to slow down the ship running speed. Finally the pirate ship is stationary, operating cycle is end.

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