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Ferris Wheel For Sale

Hight 20/30/42/49/50/55/60/65/88/120m
Capacity 48/72/96/128/144/144/144/216/294/360p
Power 7.5-75kw
Voltage 380V
Email export@qiledirides.com
Tel +8613938546158
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           Amusement or carnival ferries wheel rides for sale is one of our best selling amusement park equipment, is favored by children and adults in all ages. This design puts more emphasis on the physical appearance of the beautifully designed themed gondolas. In other words, no matter what the budget or demographic you are targeting, QILEDI can and will meet yourrequirements. Theming options are endless - from several standard looks to corporate sponsorship design.

QILEDI ferris wheel for sale is made of steel wheels, steel ropes, steel supports, screw shaft and gondolas. The main structure materials are steel. Ferris wheel in QILEDI can resist the effect of wind, temperature and mechanical erosion. We have professional technology engineers to design the structure and keep the rides safety.

         There are round gondola, square gondola, basket gondola and any other types that can be designed in QILEDI company. The shapes and colors can be customized. The gondolas adopt strong safe steel frame as the main structure materials. QILEDI insists on manufacturing high quality and safe ferris wheel. Not only the look is beautiful and attraction, but also the structure materials are strong and safe. So you can put away your worry. Now try to contact us for the low price and free quote.


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