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Bumper cars/Dodgems for sale

Area 2m*1.2m
Capacity 2p
Power 90/120W
Voltage 24/48V
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Tel +8613938546158
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As a kind of interesting and exciting amusement equipment, the bumper car or dodgem car refers to an electric car that has a rubber surround, so it can allow the riders to collide with each other. People can experience the enjoyment of driving by oneself and collision with others, and the stimulation are incomparable. QILEDI amusement bumper cars for sale can be applied to amusement park, theme park and other entertainment places, which can help investors generate the higher invest income.

Two Methods Powered Electric

Ground grid powered electric bumper car

Ground grid powered electric bumper car uses alternating strips of metal across the floor separated by insulating spacers, and no ceiling grid. The alternating strips carry the supply current, and the cars are large enough so that the vehicle body can always cover at least two strips at any one time. An array of brushes under each car make random contact with whatever strip is below, and the voltage polarity on each contact is sorted out to always provide a correct and complete circuit to operate the vehicle. 

Battery powered bumper car

Battery powered bumper car is definitely different from a vintage dodgem, the battery is used as dynamic device in battery bumper car and it provides energy through the motors, gears and some chains to drive the wheels to run. Electric bumper car is different with traditional ceiling grid dodgem bumper car and ground grid bumper car, electric bumper car is easy to manage and maintain. And the max speed is relatively lower than that two types, so both children and old people can experience it. 

Features of fairground bumper cars

1. Special designs for customers. For bumper cars ride, the custom designs include types, colors and sizes. For example, the big size can suit two adults, the middle size for an adult and a child, and the small size just for one kid. As the professional manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides, our company will meet the different needs of the customers.
2. Bumper car rides for sale with high quality materials. There are protective materials around the bumper cars, so they are safe and comfortable. And bumper car ride has a steering wheel so that people can control them easily.
3. Easy to maintain. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and safe operating parts, QILEDI bumper cars are easy to maintain, which can reduce some maintenance and operating costs.
4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It is easy to see these bumper cars in amusement park, theme park and shopping malls. And they are not only flexible but also safe and reliable.

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